Thursday, January 13, 2011

you capture - doorways.....

Yesterday was a crazy day.  It was my husband’s birthday and it was kind of a rough one for him.  Both of our jobs were on a snow delay – but after we dug our cars out of the ice, we didn’t go in to work.  We both called out.  We went to our lawyers office to sign some papers and finish up his accident legal stuff.  Finally.  All done.  That was the good part of the day.  Then we went to see Andy’s dad in the hospital.  Seeing his dad in the hospital like that was the hard part of the day.  His dad is still in very serious condition and needs lots of prayers.
With all that going on, I pretty much forgot about the You Capture challenge….luckily I had taken these photos this weekend and edited them during the long snow days.  So I’m throwing them up here.
The challenge this week was doorways. And although I went out around town looking for good doorway shots….none of these are really doorways.  But they were more interesting to me apparently.

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