Wednesday, January 05, 2011

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Just thought I’d share a few blogs that I thought you might be interested in….
Last fall, I participated in an online book club with some other bloggers.  We read two books and even though I didn’t post answers to questions very much – usually just what I thought about the books after I was finished them – I still really enjoyed reading a book along with the group.  It was fun to see what other people thought about the books and helped keep me accountable to finish the book (instead of just starting it and then forgetting to finish it for months like I’ve been doing lately!).  The blog book club took a break for a while and I just saw today that they are starting up again!  The first book of the year is going to be Ape House by Sara Gruen.
We will start reading in February….check out the blog if you are interested in joining in!
Book Club Blog
My sister-in-law has started blogging again – love seeing her posts.  Emily’s blog
And one of my best friends has been suffering from Crohn’s disease for years and her case is very severe.  She doesn’t have many medicine options that will work for her right now and she has been going through a lot.  She recently decided to try a different approach and start a pretty extreme organic diet and see if it helps her digestive system and Crohn’s.  She’s blogging about her journey and how her husband and son are doing with eating all organic too!  I can’t say that we’re ready to join her in eating all organic (although I got some organic spinach for salad and it really does taste better than the spinach I had been eating so I think I’ll switch to that – does that count?), but I’m loving her blog and she has some great recipes and coupons.  Please tell anyone you know with digestive problems or who wants to try eating organic to check out her blog – it’s a great resource and a very honest journey.
Becki’s – My Organic Diet blog
Hope you had a great Wednesday!

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