Monday, January 24, 2011

a small fire and craziness....

On Saturday morning my husband woke me up by running into the bedroom to grab a sweatshirt and saying that there was a firetruck right outside of our apartment building.  I was barely awake but I heard walkie talkies and people outside our bedroom window.  I peeked out the window and saw a lot of firemen. I quickly decided it would probably be a good idea to get up and try to throw some warm clothes on in case we needed to evacuate or something crazy.  I felt like I was back in college doing a midnight fire drill.  Andy was going out the front door and I yelled and told him it was in the back yard area.  I looked out our dining room window and finally saw the fire.  There was a small fire going over a good bit of the pine straw along the woods.  Right behind our apartment.  Lovely.  Thankfully someone had seen it and called the fire department to get it out quickly.  I snapped this picture (through the window since I still wasn’t too dressed to go outside in the cold) with my phone as they were putting it out.  The firemen put the fire out and then started going around and knocking on doors telling everyone not to dump fire wood/ashes outside in the pine straw.  That was apparently what happened.  And we know it was our neighbor next door.  The fire was more on their side of the back yard and they light fires all the time.  These are the same neighbors that the police were asking for info about a few weeks ago.  Great.  And an hour or two after the fire was out and things died down….the guys had another fire going – I saw the smoke coming out of their chimney while walking the dog.  I hope they learned a lesson.  But I am not liking living here right now.  So many issues with this place and now really scary neighbors.  We’re hoping to figure some things out and move sometime this year.

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