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2010....a year in review....

Happy New Year!  I’ll be posting about the new year and my one little word later on today.  But first I wanted to do a little (okay – who am I kidding…it’s a really long post – but good for us to remember the year and maybe our families will enjoy it!) year in review post – with photos!
On Jan. 1st, 2010 , I posted last year’s year in review post in bullet points – with no photos and switched blog servers and blog design.  Same domain name though – we’ve always been @  In Jan,. Andy turned 27 and didn’t want to do much for his birthday.  We both had a rough January.  Andy was still very much in recovering from his serious car accident and leg and hip injuries.  He was doing physical therapy at home and then at  a PTs office and in a lot of pain.  He also couldn’t drive the new car we had just bought or go back to work all month because of his injuries.  I was stressed with having to do everything and take care of him and a bit depressed.  But we got good news at the end of the month from his doctors – that he was healing well and able to start driving and start back to work (part-time at first) in February.  Since we’d had such a rough month, we decided to go down to one of our favorite places, Myrtle beach, over the long MLK Jr. weekend.

Andy was wearing his cast and using a cane in January.

I don’t really remember much of February!  I was looking back and I didn’t even blog much.  I think it was because we were just both trying to get back to “normal”.  Andy started going into work part-time for the first week of Feb. and was able to start driving his new car – which he loves and is so glad we got (Ford Focus with sync and Sirrus for his long commute everyday – gets really good milage too).  He did fine going back to work and started working full-time again (with doctors permission) and was still doing PT several days a week.  It was still a rough time for him with a lot of pain and rough recovery – but we could finally see light at the end of the tunnel.  I don’t even have any photos from Feb. except for this one:

 Driving in a crazy storm down to Georgia to visit Andy’s mother and Grandmother.  We didn’t realize it would be quite that bad and had been planning to go for a while.  We made it, but had to spend the night outside of Charlotte to wait out the worst of it.  We had a good weekend with them and they were glad to see Andy doing better.

March was a much better month.  Andy was doing great and using his cane off and on and finishing up PT. I was a lot less depressed and blogged a lot more.  Andy made the newspaper.  We went to visit Andy’s family up in Greensboro twice – once just for fun and to relax with them at the lake, and another time to celebrate Andy’s fathers’ birthday (we did a bit of sightseeing that time read about it here and here).

And at the end of March, my sister and brother-in-law came to visit for the weekend.  We went to visit a winery and had such a good time with them – so glad they were able to come to NC!

April was a busy month.  Andy was busy with planning a volunteer recognition ceremony and other work stuff.  He finished up most of his PT and finished up with Duke doctor visits.  I was busy with work and volunteering the American Red Cross youth group that we were leading.  We went to a Durham Bulls game with a couple that we enjoyed getting to know in 2010.  We did a big street clean up in Fayetteville with the teens and I got my DSLR camera!

In May, things were crazy.  We went to the beach again at the beginning of the month and were so happy that Andy could finally walk (unaided) on the sand!  My dad had a heart attack and blood clot, but is now doing much better!   And for Memorial day we went to Georgia to spend time with Andy’s family.
In June we found out that things had changed with Andy’s work and we would not be moving overseas in July like we thought.  We were disappointed at the time, but now realize that it was probably good for us to stay here and let things get settled with all the legal stuff with Andy’s accident and also be closer to his doctors for any issues with his leg/hip.  It was a rough month with everything going on.  But we were glad that we got to visit with my dad when he, my mom and my little brother came to visit and see that he was recovering.  I was having fun learning how to use my camera and getting better at photography.  And I was amazed that Andy let me start cutting his hair at home!
July was a good month with lots of new things.  Andy’s step-brother and his wife had an adorable baby boy – our first nephew!  I got to go to Baltimore and visit my family and friends over 4th of July (Andy had to stay home and work).  While in Baltimore, I did my first ever photoshoot!  My brother and sister-in-law were awesome, willing, and photogenic models and I loved spending the day with them running around Baltimore taking pictures.

And one of the biggest new things (for us) was that I shocked my family and friends and we rescued a dog!  Our new dog, Maggie, has been a great addition to our family and Andy is really happy to come home every night to an excited dog.

August was a pretty laid back month.  We took Maggie to the lake and relaxed with Andy’s family.  I was taking more photos and started doing the you capture photo challenge every week as a good reminder to practice shooting.  I did another photoshoot with one of my co-worker’s daughter.  We took Maggie on lots of walks – which was really good for Andy’s continued recovery and strengthening.

In September, we celebrated our second anniversary – we didn’t do a trip or anything special since we were planning a vacation in October.  We didn’t do a whole lot in September…I helped Andy with a fair for his workand took a bunch of photos.  I felt a little uninspired but was still practicing and (hopefully) getting better with my camera.  Andy did a lot of grilling and spending time outside with Maggie.

a self-portrait in September.

At the beginning of October, we took a much-needed week long vacation.  We again went down to Myrtle beach(we love it there and its been great because our parents have places there that they graciously let us use!) and didn’t take our computers or really turn on our cell phones.  It was such a nice time!  Then after spending 4 days at the beach, we drove up Baltimore to visit family and go to our good friends wedding.  I then came home and caught a bad cold that turned into several weeks of ear infections, asthma, etc….not fun!   But I posted some more vacation photos of my siblings while I was sick.  At the end of month we did a neat activity with the Red Cross youth for Halloween – reverse trick or treating – where the youth took cookies and candy to patients at the Army hospital.

In November, I turned 31 – can’t believe I’m really that old – or that my husband is still so much younger than me.  I keep expecting him to catch up I think.  He got me a fun gift and we had a good time celebrating in Raleigh.  For Thanksgiving we enjoyed being able to go to Georgia and spend Thanksgiving with Andy’s family.  We had a good time with his family and had fun visiting the World of Coke in Atlanta.  And my mother-in-law was really sweet and took me to a really good art museum in Atlanta as a belated birthday surprise.

December was a really busy month!  We’re still recovering….  After we got home from Georgia at the end of Nov., we worked a few days, repacked our bags, and then headed north to Baltimore to celebrate my Dad’s 60th birthday and Christmas early with my family.  We had a good visit and my dad had a good birthday with all his kids home (my brother and his wife came down from Boston too) and his brothers and extended family.  I had a great time visiting my family and babysitting my niece.  We came home from Baltimore and rested a little.  Thankfully had only one more family Christmas gathering the next weekend up in Greensboro with Andy’s family and all his siblings.  We had a great time with them and a nice big family dinner and sibling/spouse gift exchange.  We volunteered a little with the Red Cross in the next few weeks and enjoyed helping welcome deployed soldiers home a few days before Christmas.  For Christmas day we both got sick – just a cold – and we stayed home and relaxed.

And that was pretty much our year!  A good but slightly crazy one.  We’re so thankful that Andy has recovered so well and that we are both healthy.  We look forward to seeing what 2011 brings!

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