Monday, December 27, 2010

snow & sickness...

On Christmas eve, Andy started getting a cold.  We went to dinner after I got off work and then we barely made it through Christmas eve service.  He was sick.  On Christmas.  All day.  Good thing we had already planned to be low key and relaxing.  I turned down a dinner invite with friends and we just chilled and didn’t get out of sweats all day.  We watched a few movies and played with our new Wii (along with Wii Fit and a few other games) – our gift to each other this year.  The Wii Fit seems like its going to be really good for Andy’s strengthening and recovery.
When we woke up on Sunday, this is what we saw:
Lots of snow.  A blizzard for North Carolina.  Maggie was not happy about going outside.  Neither were we.
And we lost power – all day on Sunday.  I slept in and then did some cleaning.  Andy took a nap and then started going a little stir crazy and called Progress energy every few minutes or so to check on the estimated time of our power returning.  He was feeling a lot better, just had planned on laying around all day watching TV.  So I finally decided that we needed to venture out since the snow was actually really easy to clear and the roads seemed pretty good.  We went and got dinner and saw a movie – since everywhere else around us seemed to have gotten their power back before us.  We came home and finally had power!  Thank goodness it came on earlier than projected – they were originally saying midnight or the next morning.  And we were getting cold!
I started feeling sick on Sunday evening and woke up this morning feeling horrible.  I caught Andy’s cold and ended up staying home today.  Andy went in a little late to work and said the roads were ok as long as you drove carefully.  I’m feeling a little better after resting up today, so hopefully my cold will be short-lived as well. I got a little laundry done (I had been planning on doing it on Sunday, but the power outage changed my plans) and threw a pot roast together for dinner that husband loved.  It was a super easy recipe from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook (that I got from my mom for Christmas) and really good – even though I don’t usually like pot roast.

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