Monday, December 06, 2010

recharge day & good time with friends..

This has been our week of driving.  On Thursday, we loaded up the car and took another road trip.  This time we went north – up to Baltimore for my dad’s big 60th birthday party.  We had a good trip.  And my dad had a good birthday with all his kids and lot of family around.  We had a really good time too – so thankful to be able to stay with my sister and her husband visit with everyone.  I have lots of photos of the party and my adorable niece.  Didn’t get them uploaded yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.
But today I did get a lot done.  I had taken today off a while ago when I thought we’d be able to stay up in MD another day….unfortunately my husband couldn’t get today off.  I decided to go ahead and keep the day since it is almost the end of the year and I won’t get another chance to take it.  And I had a lot of things to catch up on at home since we had been traveling two weekends in a row.  So today I unpacked, did laundry, and got our place back together since it had been rearranged because of the flooding and fans and all last week.  I also ran out and got groceries and ingredients for baking for get togethers this weekend and next week.  And I still have more to do, but I was glad to have a day to get a lot done.  Now I’m just dreading going back to work tomorrow.  It’s been nice to have a break lately!
While in Baltimore, I got the chance to get together with my amazing friends.  These girls have been friends for years – since we were all homeschoolers through middle and high school.  We went to the mall and did dinner and Christmas shopping.  We even got stopped by security guards and told to keep moving right before we got this photo (they were being really careful because of the crowds and telling everyone to keep moving and not stop in groups or anything) – made us feel like we really were 16 again!  Here is our annual group photo:
And for fun, here is one from 2007:
Thanks for being such awesome friends and making time to hang out this weekend!
And thanks to Emily Joy for the photos and being so quick to upload them!
Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

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