Monday, December 20, 2010

quiet weekend....

This weekend was the first in over a month that we weren’t going out of town or doing something major.  We had both had long weeks and were really drained and not feeling great.
So we relaxed.  And we did a few errands.  Andy got his car inspection done and oil changed.  Then he got bbq and spent the rest of the day napping and watching sports I think.  I did a little cleaning, went to lunch with a friend, did a little shopping.  I got a new floor lamp (that I love) for our living room at a great price.  Then I chilled for the rest of the day and made Andy watch a movie in the evening.  Sunday was church and more of the same.  And I started knitting again for the winter.
We are thankful that we got some rest.
Hope everyone else had a nice, non-stressful weekend!

ps….anyone tried these?
really good.

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