Thursday, December 02, 2010

more art museum fun...

While we were in Georgia during Thanksgiving weekend, my mother-in-law, Cathy, gave me a belated birthday surprise on Saturday.  She heard how much I enjoyed going to the art museum in Raleigh and decided to get tickets for she and I to go to High Museum of Art in Atlanta.
We jumped on the MARTA and rode downtown.
The museum had a few great special exhibits – including a large Dali show of his late works.
I couldn’t take many photos in the museum per their guidelines.  Despite that, it was a really great museum – very large with beautifully displayed artwork.  There was a lot of furniture and craft items mixed in with the more traditional paintings.  The Dali exhibit was very popular and a bit crowded.  It was really neat to see so many of his works and the variety of mediums he used.  The other special exhibits were also very interesting.  Cathy enjoyed the Titian and the Golden Age of Painting exhibit.  There were also two photographers who had special exhibits and I appreciated them more now that I am getting more into photography. One of the photographers, Peter Sekaer, had a really neat show of his Signs of Life photographs.  He was a photographer who documented the signs and effects of the Great Depression in several American cities, 1935-1945.  The photos were amazing – because although they showed some depressing circumstances, they also showed a great view of people still living life.  Something else that I thought was really interesting about Sekaer is that he was employed by the American government to be a photographer – at that time, I thought that was really interesting – to be a full-time photographer.
I really enjoyed the art museum and hopefully Cathy did too!  Thanks so much for taking me!
While we were downtown, Andy stayed home and watched college football with his grandmother.  And Maggie found a friend, but they wore each other out and slept most of the day.
After a nice visit, on Sunday we drove home.
And we were happy that there wasn’t much traffic coming home even though it was a busy travel day.

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