Thursday, November 11, 2010

veteran's day...

Today both Andy and I had the day off of work to celebrate Veterans’ day.  Andy has the privilege of working with active duty military and veterans everyday and we are very thankful for all they do for us and our country.
We both enjoyed sleeping in a little and I ran some errands in the afternoon.  I found some sales at Michael’s for a few crafts I’m going to try and to in the next week or two.  Then I came back and got Andy and we went to the Festival of Trees at Pinehurst National (the huge, fancy, famous golf course/hotel in town).

It was put on to benefit the Sandhills Children’s Center and children with disabilities.  It was fun to see Pinehurst all decorated and to see all the different businesses in town that decorated and donated items for the trees.

We went and grabbed dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants and I got this delicious salad.

It really is that good.  So good I had to take two photos of it.  I liked the more artistic version above, but with the flash you can see more of the salad goodness.
Nice relaxing day.  It felt like a Saturday…’s going to be so hard to get up tomorrow morning and go to work.

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