Tuesday, November 30, 2010

so frustrated....

Yesterday Andy woke me up by saying “I’ve got some really bad news.”  Not a good way to wake up.
Apparently he had just found out that we had a leak in our apartment and the carpet was soaking wet all up and down the hallway and coming into our bedroom.  I got up and literally stepped in a puddle of water.  Great.  Just great.  I start rushing around trying to move clothes, shoes, and other things to the other rooms that weren’t soaking wet.  We called and emailed our maintenance people and they came out a little later.  It was something to do with the heating element in our hot water heater being broken or not sealed or something and they replaced it.  They brought in carpet cleaning people yesterday afternoon and now we have three big fans and dehumidifier sitting around our place.  Lovely.
I’m glad we were able to get it so quickly and nothing really is damaged.  But it is horrible timing.  We are in the middle of getting ready for Christmas stuff – I have gifts and projects all over the place I was trying to frantically get down before we travel soon.  I have so much to do tonight and it is not going to be easy to work around all this.  And we have had problems with this hot water heater before and so I’m just worried that something else is going to happen while we’re gone or something.  I’m just really tired of this.  I really want to move but we’re waiting until the beginning of next year for our lease to be up and see what happens with Andy’s job and possible relocation.  Just frustrated.

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