Monday, November 15, 2010

happy birthday....

…to me!
Today I am 31.
I am getting really old.
Actually this birthday is kind of a do-over from last year, so I decided I’m really only turning 30 (again).  Last year’s birthday was pretty bad.  Andy had just gotten out of the hospital and was in a lot of pain.  He couldn’t really get out or do anything at all so, yeah, not a fun birthday for either of us.
This year Andy made up for it.  He was really sweet and took me up to Raleigh for the day on Saturday.  We went to the North Carolina Museum of Art, Target, Trader Joe’s, and out to dinner.  Such a good day!  And he got me a really nice gift…photos of birthday stuff to come….just wanted to say thanks to him and everyone else who sent cards and wishes!  I am very blessed to have you all in my life.

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