Tuesday, November 09, 2010

brain dump....

Random things that I thought I’d share here….
  • This weekend was good – had lunch at a great little cafe with a friend.  She is really sweet and we have a lot in common.  So nice to have people down here to talk to about things.  Then I walked around town and got some coffee and stopped at a fun store that another friend works at and visited with her and her co-worker for a while.  Got a few sale shirts.  Andy and Maggie slept all. day. long. while I was gone.
  • Had the most awkward moment on Saturday while waiting for my friend for lunch.  I saw a customer I knew from work walking up the street.  This is a customer who is generally rude to all of us and doesn’t hardly speak when she comes in to do her business.  So I pretend to look busy texting my friend.  This lady walks directly up to me and says “I’m here to meet you for lunch.”  I must have had the most ridiculous, stunned look on my face and stammered something like “I’m sorry, what?” She continues on, saying “I know you from [the place where I work] and you told me to meet you here for lunch today.”  I am still looking completely dumbfounded and she busts out laughing and says, “just kidding, have a good day” and she walks off.  Like I said – completely awkward.  Gotta love living in a small town where I see all my customers all the time.
  • When talking to someone about my age (she was surprised I was as old as I am), she said “wow – you’re really well preserved!” and then tried to backtrack a little because we were both laughing and she knew it sounded weird.  I guess it was a nice compliment, especially in light of another birthday looming, right?
  • Been looking for a cute camera bag for a while.  Right now I’m using an old Timbuk2 bag and putting a little camera bag inside of it for protection.  It works, but not ideal.  Here are the bags I’m loving….
Hobo Camera Bag.gif
I like this one the best (of course its the most expensive).  But isn’t it pretty?
I probably won’t get any of these anytime soon.  But I just like looking at them and thought I’d post some of my favorites in case anyone else is looking for a great looking camera bag.
  • Andy got our dog, Maggie, a few Christmas outfits at Target – they were cheap…..but still.  I can’t believe we are becoming “those people” who dress up their dog.
And that’s about it.

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