Wednesday, October 27, 2010

midweek randomness...

I am finally feeling better (thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!).  My slight cold turned into a bad ear infection….which turned into asthma issues….so after a second trip to the doctor, more meds, and a lot of rest this weekend – I am pretty much back to normal.  I am still coughing a little, but not too bad.  I had bad asthma as a kid and am thankful that I don’t have as much trouble with it now.  It really only flares up for me when I get sick.  Which doesn’t help anything.  I remember how much I like to breathe.

Anyways…..we went to visit Andy’s family last weekend and had a good time visiting with them.  I went shopping with my sister-in-law and we found some cute shirts.  We had a big family birthday dinner to celebrate several birthdays (including mine in a few weeks!) and got to see our baby nephew – but didn’t hold him since I didn’t want to be coughing all over him.  The sad part about the weekend was that Andy’s family dog got sick and started throwing up.  We all realized that she might have eaten one of our dog’s rubber toys.  They took her to the vet and she unfortunately passed away on Sunday evening from a tumor that had ruptured.  She will be missed.

I am back to Bible studies and everything this week and am trying to catch up a little on cleaning up and cooking – I didn’t do much of anything last week because I was so out of it!  I tried a new dish tonight – Pork Chop and Potato Casserole – great comfort food and picky husband liked it!  I only used 2 pork chops (cut in half) and 2 potatoes and we still have plenty for leftovers.  And its been a boring week at work for me….but a customer brought us Godiva!  And that’s all my randomness for now.

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