Friday, October 15, 2010

caught a cold...

Yesterday I woke up with a horrible sore throat.  Dragged myself out of bed, got a cup of herbal tea, and managed to get through a day of work.  Husband was really sweet and insisted on taking me out to Panera after work since he said “they could make me better soup than he could.”  I fell asleep fast and didn’t feel much better at all today, so I decided to call out of work since I know Fridays are brutal and I was just feeling too miserable.

After sleeping a lot today, I am starting to feel a little better so I’m hopeful that this will be a quick cold and I will be feeling much better by the end of the weekend.  I have eaten some fruit and am drinking a lot of water and hot tea.  I love hot tea when I’m sick.  In between naps, I have finished up editing some photos, caught up on blog reading and watched the rest of the shows I DVR’ed while we were away last week.  I’m really liking the shows Parenthood and Brothers & Sisters with the big crazy families with lots of siblings and how they relate to each other as adults.

I loved hanging out with my siblings while we were in Baltimore.  I didn’t manage to get any photos of my littlest brother, Andrew, but that was because he had such a busy schedule.  He’s 15 and really tall and skinny now.  He just started working at his first job at a big retirement center as a waiter.  And he runs cross country, does 2 youth groups (helps at a middle school one, goes the high school one), Young Marines, and still likes to do civil war reenactments on the weekends.  He is a busy kid.  But here are some photos of the rest of us.  We had beautiful weather and had a good time hanging out at Emily and Paul’s. 

Jen, Patrick, and Katie
Patrick and Jen came down for Steve and Tiffany’s wedding – Patrick was a groomsman as they have been friends for years and years and years and he was also in Patrick’s wedding.

Me and Emily
The big sisters.

My brother, an awesome uncle.

Sisters (and sister-in-law, Jen).

Patrick took the photo and said it was like a Point of Grace album cover.
Remember the Christian group Point of Grace?  From 15 years ago or something?  Very old school – but we did like them as teens.  Sad but true.  I think I heard that they are coming out with a new album and cookbook?  Or maybe just a cookbook?

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