Monday, October 18, 2010

book club book review....

I recently read the book Commencement with the Bookend Blog book club.

It was great timing for me, because they were starting out right as I went on vacation and I was glad for a book recommendation to take with me to relax and read.  I finished the book while on vacation, but didn’t answer the first set of questions because we decided to unplug and not get on our laptops while we were away.  I didn’t even check much online my blackberry – it was a really good break for both of us.

This book was…..interesting.  This was not a book I would have picked out or maybe even finished if not for wanting to read along with the group.  J. Courtney Sullivan writes about four girls who begin their freshman year at a women’s college and she follows them through their time at school and then how their friendships evolve after graduation.  The book took a while to set up the characters I thought….you had to really keep on going to figure out how it was pulling together with each person’s background.  In the middle of the book I got frustrated with the characters and how they were acting.  But by the end I finished the book and felt satisfied – there was a point and a decent ending.  I’m not crazy about the book, but it did make me think and broaden my horizons a little.  It wasn’t all bad, just not normally my cup of tea in the language and very strong feminism philosophies.  I liked the idea and parts of it reminded me of fun times with my roommate and suitemates in college.  We just had more good, clean, fun.  And are still great friends who have had our ups and downs, but nothing so dramatic.
So…..not highly recommended.  But interesting.  And I like new books so I was glad I participated and read it.
And I managed a full day of work today – but I’m still not feeling great.  So I called the doctor and got a different antibiotic so I’m hoping it knocks the rest of this ear infection soon.

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