Monday, October 18, 2010

blah weekend....

So instead of feeling better like I was hoping…I started feeling worse on Friday night and came down with a fever and a bad ear infection by Saturday morning.  I am so tired of always getting ear infections.  It seems like I get one or two every year.  So annoying.  And so painful and they make it hard to get any rest and get better.  Thankfully, my doctor’s practice does a Saturday walk-in clinic and I was able to get in and get some antibiotics….and I’m slowly starting to feel better.  I didn’t do anything at all this weekend, or even step out of the house (except to let the dog out a few times when husband was gone).  I’m dreading going to work in the morning.  Oh well.
Andy was sweet and brought me some flowers to cheer me up on Friday.  And this what the rest of my weekend looked like.  Lots of Kleenex, medicated Blistex (my lips always get really chapped when I’m sick), and checking my Blackberry every now and then.
Hope everyone else had a better weekend than I did.

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