Monday, July 26, 2010

something new....

So this weekend we got a dog.  I know my friends and family think I must be going crazy…since I have never been a big dog person.  But my husband is a dog lover and has been wanting us to get one ever since we got married.  We thought about getting a dog last year and even tried it out for a weekend, but decided that dog wasn’t the right one for us and it wasn’t the right time for us to get a dog.

I don’t know why I started thinking about getting a dog recently – but it was actually my idea to start thinking about it again.  I guess we just have had such a long year and Andy’s especially had a rough time with everything, that I just thought it might be a good time for a dog.  So we talked about it and looked around online a little and I found a dog that I thought looked like a good fit for us.  I called about the ad for the dog and we decided to go and check her out the next evening after work.  The dog was at a neighboring county’s humane society – only about 30 minutes away.  We met the dog – she was very friendly and passed all of Andy’s tests.  He was really impressed and I could tell he was pretty excited about the idea of adopting her.  He said he could tell that she had been well trained and taken care of before she came to the shelter.

So we decided to adopt her and we renamed her Maggie (since they didn’t know what her name was before she came to the shelter).  We went to pick her up on Friday after work.  She was great about coming with us and has been pretty good all weekend.  Andy is so happy – he really loves having a dog!  She is housebroken and we think she was crate trained before too.  We are putting her in a crate overnight and while we are away – she barks a little to let us know that she’s not crazy about being there – but otherwise does ok.

She is a Cairn Terrier (which is the the type of dog played Toto on the Wizard of Oz) who is about 10 lb and 2 yrs. old.  Perfect little dog for our apartment and small enough that we can both pick her up easily (Andy still isn’t supposed to lift anything really heavy after the accident).

Maggie likes taking long naps too...

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