Friday, June 18, 2010

things change...

We found out recently that we will not be moving to England.  We are disappointed, but now we have new things to plan and do this summer.

We are happy to be staying closer to family and friends.  We are looking forward to spending time at the lake with Andy’s family and meeting a new baby nephew soon.  I am looking forward to a quick visit up to Baltimore to see my brother and his wife before they move to Boston (further away!) and visiting with the rest of my family and my awesome friends (who missed me so much recently that they wanted to try and take a roadtrip, leaving behind husbands, kids, baby, and dogs and braving the pirates…all to come see me!  I decided to make it easier on them and just go up to visit – only leaving behind one husband then – no kiddos or dogs to worry about…and hopefully no pirates).

We’re looking forward to planning an anniversary vacation in September.  We want to go check out the lighthouses and maybe go visit the battleship in Wilmington in a few weeks.  Who knows.  I am looking forward to practicing photography and getting some models to practice on.  I am going to try and paint more.  Andy is pretty stressed and having some back issues so we are going to do a lot of relaxing.

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