Friday, May 07, 2010

moving on...

The past two years have absolutely been awesome – we have loved where we live and it has been great working on Fort Bragg with the American Red Cross.  It’s safe to say that I’ve worked some long hours and it’s been stressful at times, but I still really enjoy my job.  While Fort Bragg is not the most exotic place in the world, its clearly a very large base with a lot of military action.  I have learned a lot and been blessed to work with some of the greatest staff, volunteers and have had some wonderful mentors.

But we are moving on.  The American Red Cross has asked me if I would take a new assignment….at a US Air Force base in England for 3 years.  We said yes!  Abi and I will be moving to RAF Mildenhall, England this July.  My job title and most of my responsibilities will be very similar to what I am doing now.  We still have a lot of unknowns, but we are very excited.
We’ll be living in housing provided by the military.  The base is where the red star is on the map above.  We’ll be about 75 mi. north of London.

We will definitely miss our family and friends, but we will keep everyone up to date on our lives and travels on the blog.  And we would love having anyone and everyone come visit while we are over there!

- Andy & Abi

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