Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We are busy trying to get a million things done before we leave.  I’ve been taking care of all the medical/legal stuff for Andy and he’s been busy getting my no-fee passport, figuring out what we need for visas and (hopefully) getting appointments to figure out our travel arrangements.  I’ve started going through closets and trying to organize and box up things to store/ship.  Fun, fun, fun…..

We are both definitely excited, just have a lot running through our minds constantly right now.  I’ve started a running list of all the things I need to remind myself to do in the next few weeks.  And our remaining weeks are filling up fast – we are going to try and spend a lot of good time with our families and friends and we’ve still got some of Andy’s work stuff to finish up with the youth.

Now that we have all orders/paperwork we need and have a fairly good idea of when we’ll need to be travelling/packing, I let my job know when my final day would be.  My managers and co-workers are sad I’m leaving, but they’re excited for us too.  I am going to quit a few weeks early so that I can go visit my family and friends and then come back and get everything ready to go.

It still seems surreal…

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