Monday, May 03, 2010

beach weekend...

We just got home from a great weekend at the beach.  We realized this was one of the few free weekends we had before things start getting a little crazy for us and decided to run down to Myrtle on Friday night after work.  We found out that a lot of Andy’s family had all decided to go stay at his parent’s condo – they saw us driving and called us and we were glad to have breakfast and spend some time on the beach with them on Sunday.
We stayed here (thanks to my parents generously letting us use their timeshare)
This was our view of the pool and ocean.
The weather was wonderful.  Nice and sunny and warm most of the weekend.
We had fun walking on the beach.
Swimming in the pool and jacuzzi.
We both got a little sunburned.
But I was just glad that this time Andy was able to walk on the beach.  (Last time we went was back in Jan. when he still wasn’t able to walk much and he didn’t want to try walking on sand)
a great relaxing time!

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