Friday, May 14, 2010 love...

When we were at the beach a few weekends ago, I was playing around with my new DSLR and trying to teach myself how to use it better.  I also took my nice little point & shoot canon for quick and easy shots (and/or for Andy since he’s not too into the DSLR).  I think I had too many cameras along to keep up with or something – because I ended up somehow leaving the little Canon’s battery and charger at the hotel.  I realized it when we were on the way home and I called the hotel.  They didn’t know anything about my battery charger (even though I described exactly where it would be!) and said to try calling back on Monday when the regular lost and found person was there.  I called back.  Still not found.  My battery and charger were gone forever….probably in the cleaning person’s trash or something.  I was a little upset and had a bad feeling about how much money this mistake would cost me.

A few days later, after I came to terms with the fact that the battery and charger were really gone, I went to Best Buy to see if I could buy replacements.  The geek squad guy near the cameras had to look online to see if they had the right battery for my camera.  He figured out which one it was and we tried it.  It fit….but it was nearly $40.  Ouch.  And the charger was sold separate – another $45.  Double ouch.  The geek squad guy then started trying to talk me into just buying another camera since cameras are getting cheaper and I may as well just spend another $25 dollars or so and get a new camera.  I didn’t really like that idea…or the idea of spending $85 that day, so I just said thank you and copied down the name/type of battery I needed for my camera.
That night I went online and the first place I checked out was and they had quite a few batteries.  I looked around a little and found the right battery with a charger and a car charging adapter for only $10 – and that included shipping!  Yay!  Love….I definitely felt better about a $10 mistake than I would’ve about an $85 mistake.  My new battery, charger, and car charger came in the mail today and they work wonderfully!
And amazon ships to APO addresses.  Which is what we will have when we move in July.  I’ve been checking what kind of online shopping I can do while in England.  Very important research.

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