Thursday, April 15, 2010

today is...

…Andy’s big volunteer recognition ceremony at work.  He has been hard at work planning this for months.  It was a lot easier for him than it was last year to plan, but it has still been a lot for him to do.  And even though I’m apparently getting some award, I unfortunately can’t get off for it since someone else at work has a doctor’s appointment or something and the ceremony is at a bad time in the middle of the day so I can’t get there and be back to cover at work (I told Andy he needs to push for having it at a different time for those of us who actually work and volunteer…but I’m probably one of the few it affects so they didn’t change it for me.)

I did stop by the Red Cross office yesterday and helped out a little and met Andy’s new boss.  I was on my way to a meeting in Fayetteville for my job and took a late lunch, ate on the way, and then had a little time before I had to be there.  The meeting was ok – the company is trying to move in a good direction and the meeting was interactive and not boring….I just mentally wasn’t too into it yesterday.  I thought Andy might want have dinner in Fayetteville after I was done my meeting and after he had a long day working on last minute recognition stuff.  But he was too tired and wanted to head home.  I stayed in Fayetteville and did a little shopping, then got a little lost coming home since I never drive home from Fayetteville by myself and never without going through the base.  I did finally make it home and crashed into bed shortly thereafter.

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