Wednesday, April 07, 2010

seeing spring in NC....

This morning we went to a new doctor for Andy and got some news….need to wait and see what his old doctor and some more testing say about his hip is healing.  Leaving us slightly frustrated with doctors.
After work I went to my eye doctor and was happy with the staff there and our vision insurances (I am on Andy’s and have my own as a secondary).  My eyes aren’t getting too much worse, but I needed new contacts and decided to get new glasses.  I ended leaving with a year of contacts, a new pair of glasses, a pair of prescription sunglasses, a regular pair of sunglasses (which I’m not crazy about and might give away..but hey, they were free!), 4 bottles of contact solution and will get a $30 rebate.  All that and my co-pays for $250.  I thought that was pretty good and am well stocked for quite a while in case we can’t get to the eye doctor as easily in the next year.

And this evening Andy and I went for a short walk.  Andy is wanting to do more and the doctor told him its fine and won’t hurt anything as long as he’s not in pain.  I took a few pictures of what it looks like outside here in the spring:
Andy’s car is covered in pollen.

The sidewalk and pavements are yellow with pollen.
And when I took a picture of Andy…pollen swirled around in front of the camera lens.
Yes folks…it is really this bad down here right now.  My very allergic mom should not come and visit for a few weeks until it clears up…she’s probably going to start sneezing just looking at these pictures.

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