Monday, April 12, 2010

nice weekend...

Monday morning comes again.  Andy’s already off to work – crazy early as usual.  He has a new boss who is starting today and his big volunteer recognition ceremony is this week, so he has a lot going on at work.  It’s going to be a long,  busy week.

But we did have a nice weekend.  We had a relaxing Friday night, eating homemade pizza, drinking wine, and watching TV together.  On Saturday we drove up to Greensboro and Andy dropped me off at his step-sister’s for the baby shower.  The shower was fun and I think my sister-in-law April enjoyed it.  She got a lot of cute baby boy things and we’re looking forward to having a nephew this summer.

After the shower, we went out to the lake and visited with Andy’s family and had a great dinner.  We went for a quick boat ride with Andy’s dad, his step-sister, her husband, and her husband’s granddaughter – who was 3 and had never been on a boat before.
the boys and Akira

We brought clothes to spend the night out at the lake house, but Andy decided he wanted to come home and sleep in his own bed and go to church in the morning, so we drove home that night instead.  On Sunday we slept in a little, went to church, and then relaxed at home the rest of the afternoon.  I started de-cluttering and doing some spring cleaning in our back bedroom/office.  I’ve got  a lot more to do in our apartment, but it felt good to get one closet cleaned/packed up better.

That was our weekend – hope everyone else had a good one too!

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