Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hacking into an otherwise boring day...

This morning I started out my day at work.  It was pretty slow at work and I glanced down at my Blackberry and was amazed to see 40some messages in my inbox in the last half hour.  Definitely not normal.  I am not that important or popular.  I looked at a couple of the emails…mostly bouncebacks….and quickly realized that my account had been hacked into and some crazy link sent out to what looked like everyone I had ever emailed.  Ever.  Including my husband’s boss.  Great.  Just great. I quickly pulled up all my account and changed the password and security settings so hopefully I won’t be sending any more spam out.  Sorry to all those who got and/or opened said email.  I do still love gmail and think that they usually do a good job with spam and account security.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful.  Slow day at work.  Talked to our lawyers and we are probably going to be meeting with them soon to see about starting to get some of Andy’s settlement stuff rolling.  After dinner, I helped husband restore and work on his website for work (the website he was supposed to be done with last fall – before his accident – the only reason I care is that he is using my macbook to create the website).  He had a ton of info on it, but didn’t have a good layout at all.  I helped him create a good structure, design, and flow to the website and hopefully helped him get it a little more reader friendly.  He’ll still probably be working on it for about forever.  But maybe his new boss will get on his case a little more and my macbook won’t be held captive by day for much longer.

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