Monday, April 19, 2010

adventures in Fayetteville...

On Saturday, we got up very early….and headed to Fayetteville.  We got breakfast for the road and I woke up enough to have a good long talk with Andy about some of our future plans and dreams.  Some of which include me doing more art and photography and working on turning it into a freelance career sometime in the future.  I’m pretty excited about the idea and am glad Andy is supportive too.

We made it to our site in Fayetteville and gathered up our group of Red Cross teen volunteers. We had a really good turnout – about 15 teens and one parent came out to help clean up the streets of Fayetteville for a citywide project called “Fayetteville Beautiful”.  It was a great day weather-wise – not too hot but plenty sunny.  I took a group of teens on one side of the road and the parent volunteer took the rest of the teens on the other side of the road.  Andy drove the car with water and extra supplies and met up with us at various points along the way (he’s doing a lot better walking, but I knew this would be way too much for him).  The teens did a great job…for the first 2 hours…the last hour got rough…everyone was getting tired and hungry.  We finished up right at about 3 hours and all went to CiCi’s for lunch.  They did a great job and it was a great community activity for us to do.

After we got all the teens back to their parents and cars, Andy and I went and did a little exploring in Fayetteville.  We checked out the Special Ops museum and an antique store in the downtown area.  Then, for some crazy reason, we decided to check out one of the many pawn shops on Bragg Blvd.  Andy took this picture of the pawn shop because he said I had to blog about it.

We weren’t really planning on buying anything.  But then I saw this:

A beautiful Canon DSLR camera.  Which is exactly what I had just been talking to Andy about wanting that morning.  And it was a crazy low price.  Less than half what this camera is currently selling for on Amazon.  I know because I’ve been stalking DSLRs online for the past couple of weeks.  This is a one of the lower end DSLRs and several years old, but it is still a very good camera and used by many photographers.  It was perfect since that is just what I had been saying I wanted…a good deal on a used one to learn on and figure out things….then if I get halfway decent at it and outgrow it, maybe I could earn enough money with it to buy a better one.

So….we got a camera….at a pawn shop….I really hope its not stolen or going to pay for someone’s drug habit.  But it was a bigger, more legit looking pawn shop than most – so we decided that it was probably legit and fine.  Don’t tell anyone.  I know, we’re absolutely crazy.  But I also love my new camera!  This is the first picture I took with it while playing with all the settings on the way home:

Doesn’t he look thrilled?

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