Wednesday, March 10, 2010

working wife...

A lot of days I feel like I don’t get a lot done, but am too tired to want to do any of it after working all day.  Some days I don’t even have much energy to come up with anything for dinner and say “how about pancakes?” for dinner.  But today was one of those (somewhat rare) days where I actually felt like I got a decent amount done.
I got up and put away some clothes that I had washed the night before.  We had a pretty slow morning at work, so I looked up the recipe I was going to use for dinner on my blackberry and then came home and got it ready during my lunch break (I love living so close to my job that I can come home, eat, and still have time to do other things too!).  At lunch, I talked to husband and he said he needed to go to Walmart to get some drinks and supplies for the office – which translates to “we have to go to Walmart tonight” since he still can’t lift much because of his hip.  Fun.

When I got home from work, I put dinner in the oven, changed and then went for a walk while Andy was at PT.  It was such a nice day out today.  I got done walking and took dinner out of the oven.  We ate and chilled for a few minutes while watching the news (yep we’re exciting like that).  Went to Walmart and loaded in the cart 3 cases of water and 10 boxes of soda = very heavy cart that I had to push = upper body workout, yep definitely all about multi-tasking today.  When I asked husband why someone else at his office (someone who doesn’t have a broken hip maybe?) wasn’t getting all of the drinks, he said that he was the only one in the office anymore who had a card and authorization to purchase (since several of his co-workers have left recently).  Lucky us.  But he did say he would get some volunteers to help him unload it all at work tomorrow.  I grabbed some fruit that was on sale at Walmart and came home and did the dishes and had some fresh pineapple for dessert.  Yum.
Dinner waiting on husband
Helping with Red Cross stuff

and now am watching LOST.  Good day.

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