Thursday, March 25, 2010

where a tank of gasoline took 2

We finally made it up to Greensboro.  Andy got in some time with Nicki before his dad’s birthday concert.

We had a good time with Andy’s family at the concert that night.  We were so thankful Stacey and Ceasar let us crash at their house afterwards for the night.

Andy’s dad really seemed to enjoy the Randall Bramblett concert.  He was good and it was a nice private concert at the little bistro near where Andy grew up.
And I think Andy’s dad enjoyed having his family there.  
We were glad we were able to be there and hope that he had a good birthday.

On Sunday we spent a little time at the lake and then ventured back into the car for another quick road trip.  My dad and little brother had been at a Civil War reenactment in Bentonville, NC that weekend.  We decided that the reenactment would involve way too much walking for Andy, but we really wanted to see my family…so we met for dinner in Raleigh before they drove back to Baltimore.  And it was only a few hours out of our way….
The funny part was that on the way to Raleigh we ran into more family.  We stopped at a Sheetz to grab a drink and I turned around and saw my cousin and his wife!  They had just recently moved to the Durham area and were heading back to their new home from visiting my aunt and uncle in VA.  It was fun to see them and we hope to see them again sometime soon (only a planned, longer visit next time!).  It was also fun to see my dad and brother – we took them to Moe’s for dinner and visited with them for an hour or so.  They had a great time at the reenactment and made good time getting home that night.

We finally made it back to our town safe and sound in time for our favorite Sunday night shows.

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