Tuesday, March 23, 2010

where a tank of gasoline took us...pt. 1

What a fun weekend we had!  We filled up our new car with gas and took off on Saturday morning.  We were heading up to Greensboro for Andy’s dads’ birthday celebration….but decided to do a little sightseeing on the way.  We had originally planned to have our good friends Josh, Becki, and baby James visiting us this weekend.  But when Becki and James got sick and they couldn’t come, Andy was trying to cheer me up and suggested we go and check out Seagrove pottery and then go up to Greensboro.

We had been talking about going to the famous “pottery highway” for a while and this was the perfect day for it.  Saturday was the first day of spring and it was absolutely gorgeous weather – sunny and in the 70s!  Seagrove is about 30 miles from our town and is a unique community of more than 90 potters and artisans who work and sell their handmade pottery all up and down a down a 20 mile stretch of Highway 220 South.  We stopped in a couple of little shops and then found the Museum of NC Traditional Pottery.  We looked around the museum and learned about the 200 year old history of pottery in that area.  We saw one of the potters giving a demo on his pottery wheel.

We got back on the road to Greensboro and saw a sign for the Pigsah covered bridge and decided to check it out.  It was a little further off the highway than we thought (3-4 miles) but not too bad.  It had been made into a park/hiking area and there were a lot of families out enjoying the nice weather.  I looked around a little and would have loved to hike some, but Andy’s leg isn’t quite up for it yet.  So maybe some other time…

Since Andy had been so good about taking me to see the pottery, we decided to go see the Richard Petty Museum.  I knew I wouldn’t get a lot out of it, so I took a walk around the little town of Randolph while Andy was exploring the museum.  He said it was neat to see.

After all that we needed a snack, so Andy wanted to round out the NC experience with a trip to Bojangles.  I tried my first Sweet Potato Pie…it was pretty good!

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