Friday, March 05, 2010

thankful friday...

things I’m thankful for today….
  1. we’re both happy it’s Friday…amazing how much happier we wake up knowing we have the weekend to look forward to…yay!
  2. my blackberry: I love it for so many reasons, but recently was thankful for how much it helps me while going grocery shopping – I type in my list on it throughout the week (so I don’t forget things or forget to take the list I’ve worked on…I’ve definitely done that before!) and then use the calculator on it to keep a running total so I stick to my budget.
  3. our new car and getting better gas mileage now that husband is back to work.
  4. how happy Andy is to be back to work!  He really does enjoy his job (how many of us can say that?) and is so much happier and less frustrated now that he is able to work than he was for the months he had to be out of work.
  5. Sonic happy hour in the MORNING – on my way to work!  Andy pointed out the sign to me last week about how Sonic was starting to do a morning happy hour….so I made it a point to swing by there before work once….or twice already this week.
  6. my new women’s Bible study group…I had really been missing a group like this and am loving the new friends and fellowship as we pray with each other and study the Bible.

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