Monday, March 01, 2010

nice, relaxing weekend...

This was the first weekend in a while that we didn’t have much going on…Andy was quite happy to have nothing on the agenda except for taking several naps!  I didn’t mind too much either – good to have a break every now and then.
On Saturday we slept in then leisurely got up and got going.  We went and signed our new apartment lease for 6 months since we think that there is a good possibility that we may need to be moving sometime this summer.  We would rather be on

the safe side and go with the 6 mo. lease even if we don’t end up needing to move, then to have to try and get out of a year long lease if we do (it’s all still unknown, so we’ll let you know more details when we know anything definite).  Then we got some Sonic drinks and wandered around town a little before getting Andy a haircut.  Andy is getting around more and more easily these days and starting to walk around the house without his cane.  He is still doing physical therapy 2x per week and working on walking and strengthening his hip.
We came home and made some pizza and watched The Hangover – it wasn’t a great movie, but it was free (I had a free redbox code)….it was funny in that slapstick way I don’t usually like, but it was ok and Andy watched the whole movie so that was a plus!  The plot was like a trainwreck – you just had to keep watching to see how much further they would take the ridiculousness.
Today we went to church, lunch and then came home and chilled for a bit.  I did some more accident paperwork and filing (it’s still a never-ending job) and a little cleaning.  Andy came out grocery shopping with me, but even with him along, we stuck to our list and spent a few cents under the amount I planned to spend (and all this was at Walmart where we usually find more that we “need” besides groceries) – score!
And that was our exciting weekend.  This week and weekend will be a little busier for both of us, but not too bad.

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