Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my sister and brother-in-law's visit...

We were so excited to have my sister, Emily, and her husband, Paul, come visit us this weekend since Emily is a teacher and is off this week for spring break!  They drove down from Baltimore after they celebrated my grandmother’s 95th birthday with her on Saturday.  They had a long drive and didn’t get to our place until after midnight.  Somehow Andy and I managed to watch a movie and stay awake to greet them and show them to their bed.

We all slept in a little the next morning and chilled at home and around town for a while on Sunday.  Then they were nice enough to come out to Ft. Bragg with us to help us out with our youth volunteer program.  We delivered cookies, popcorn, and punch with some teens at the army hospital and then had our monthly meeting with a crazy activity thrown in there.  After the teens wore us out, we came home and had cake, wine, popcorn, and watched a movie.  Fun times.

On Monday we all went and found a local winery and did a tour and tasting – it was fun since we were the only ones there.  The wine was pretty good – we tried 8 of the sweet wines.  Andy was our DD and drank a Pepsi and ate all our crackers.

It was a gorgeous day!

We visited Fayetteville, then came home and the boys grilled and sisters went shopping.  And then they had to go home today.  So sad they had to leave.  But very thankful that they were able to come and visit.

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