Thursday, March 11, 2010

and then there was today...

Yesterday was a good day…today was just really long and stressful.  At work we had a big audit and of course we had people out so it was more stressful on the few of us that were there.  I did pretty good – my paper work and the testing we have to take was perfect – I just missed one procedural thing.  But as a whole our team as a whole didn’t do as well as our regional team would like so it was disappointing.  And just stressful and tiring.  I had a headache most of the day.

Andy had a doctor’s appointment that went late, so I went and did a little shopping therapy and bought a new little camera (since our other one was big and bulky) with a little bonus money we just got from work for a good year last year – I figured that was only fitting….since work stressed me out today, may as well use bonus money to get a little de-stressed!  And I picked up dinner.  Since I forgot to thaw out chicken to put in the crockpot.  Headache still there so I’m not thinking I’m going to get any exercising done tonight.  Oh well.  Day is done and I don’t even care about work stuff anymore.  That’s one of the great things about my job…can’t take it home with me and I don’t want to.

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