Monday, February 22, 2010

this weekend...

…was gorgeous (weather-wise) and a lot of fun!

It was soo nice outside this weekend!  Sunny and 60 degrees!  Finally no snow or rain….hopefully spring is on its way.  On Saturday, Andy’s sister and step-sister came down to visit.  We had lunch and then wandered around our little downtown area (well, the girls did – Andy went home after lunch and took his Saturday afternoon nap).  We had a good time shopping and bought some art and jewelry by local artisans at a fun coffee shop, some chico bags at the recycled goods store, and taste-tested and bought some wine at our wine bar.  Then we came back, had dinner with Andy, and the sister-in-laws headed home.  We were so glad they were able to come visit and glad we had such a pretty day to enjoy together.

Today we heard a really good Presbyterian missions guy speak at church about being a “real church” – he was one of the best missions speakers I’ve heard in a long time – maybe ever.  Then we went out to lunch with some new friends from church and enjoyed getting to know them better.  After lunch we had to head straight to Bragg to go to lead a Red Cross Youth activity – we were taking the youth to deliver cookies to the patients at the military hospital on base.  We had a good turnout of the youth and most of them brought homemade cookies to deliver – they did an awesome job and it was neat to see them enjoying serving others so much.  Andy said he was reminded of why he loves working with the American Red Cross today.

To top off a great weekend, we made a quick trip to Target on the way home.  (I love Target, but don’t have one here in our little town)

Hope everyone else had a good weekend and enjoyed some nice weather (finally!)

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