Sunday, February 21, 2010

last weekend...

…was snowy and adventure-filled.

We had planned on going to Georgia to see Andy’s mother and grandmother, but weren’t sure when we heard about the bad storm hitting Georgia and traveling north on Friday night just as we would be going south.  We texted back and forth all day at work trying to decide whether or not we should still go.  We really wanted to since we hadn’t been down to see them in a long time and had the long weekend off to go.  When I got home from work on Friday night, we listened to the news one more time and decided we’d be ok driving in what the weatherman said would be a “northern wet snow” – no ice.  After all, my family up in Baltimore had been getting snow 3 feet deep!  Our inch or two would be nothing.  So we started out….and the snow got heavier and heavier.  The roads weren’t icy but it wasn’t that great driving with the wind and snow.  We stopped for dinner and took this picture:

It was still ok since we both felt fairly comfortable driving in snow and were just taking it slow.  But there were a lot of people who didn’t know how to drive in it.  We saw cars in the ditches for miles.  And by then we were getting tired and not making any progress so we stopped in Charlotte (it would normally take us about 2 1/2 hours to get to Charlotte…this time it took 4 1/2) and got a hotel room for the night.
Things looked a lot better in the morning and we started out on a big highway that was nice and plowed.  The rest of the snow we saw melted all day long and all of the roads were fine.  Andy had been doing a great job driving in the morning, but the trucks and the busy-ness of the highway started getting to him and he let me drive the rest of the way.  We got to his mother’s house after lunch and were glad to finally make it – the driving was a bit stressful and wore me out.

We had a great visit with his mother and grandmother and even got to see Andy’s cousin, Mark, (who Andy hadn’t seen in years) and meet his wife, Jen, and their son Connor.  We were so glad we made it down there for a quick visit, despite the crazy weather!  Thanks to Andy’s family for having us visit and everything you both did to make it a great time!

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