Friday, January 22, 2010

why did I bother?

As we took down our Christmas tree this weekend, (I know, I know, we should’ve done it last weekend, I just got busy with laundry and other things and never got around to it….Andy decided to help me get going with it last week when he wanted to light a fire and moved the tree and decorations away from the fireplace in a big, messy, pile….thus forcing me to finally get it over with this weekend) I wondered why I had even bothered with the tree and decorations this year.  We weren’t even at our place for Christmas, didn’t fill our stockings, and Andy could care less whether we decorated or not.  And it was a huge bother for me to do it alone….lug the tree out of storage, set it up, decorate it alone, and all….but it helped me somehow to feel like it was more normal I think.  I set it up the weekend after Thanksgiving while I was home alone and Andy was up at his Dad’s.  His accident and injuries were all still pretty recent and scary and we didn’t know what was going on day to day with him.  I pulled it out and enjoyed decorating and trying to remind myself that we were thankful to be able to celebrate anything together this year. That was Christmas for us this year.  Not the most fun, and really crazy every step of the way….but thankful to be alive and able to celebrate.
And now, we put them away and see what next year brings….

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