Friday, January 15, 2010


It’s been a long week for me.  Still busy at work and we’re going through a stressful season of reviews and all, so everything is crazier.  And we’ve been adjusting to getting up earlier and taking Andy to therapy 3x this week before I go to work.  So glad it’s Friday.  And a long weekend.

Andy’s therapy is going pretty good.  He says the PT is taking her time and really doing a lot of stretching and cool-down time afterwards.  He is working on strengthening his hip and straightening out his leg so that his knee faces forward (instead of how he has been resting it all day to the side).  He’s enjoying being back to work and we both had a good time having our first meeting back with the Red Cross youth group on Sunday evening.  He also volunteered to lead our Disciple Bible Study group this week, as our regular group facilitator was away.  He did a great job!

We are both looking forward to a nice, long weekend (we’re both off for MLK day on Monday!).  We just made some really fun plans this week – somewhat spur of the moment – to relax and celebrate our birthdays.  We’ll take pictures and share them next week.

On a side note….the American Red Cross is very busy with all the relief efforts to Haiti.  Andy is not directly involved with this, as that is covered by the disaster side of the Red Cross (not the Services to Armed Forces that he works with), but it is obviously affecting him and his co-workers.  We are very thankful that he is working with such a good organization that is able to do so much for people in need.  We know of some people who may be going to Haiti and are praying for them, their families, and all of the people down there.

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