Friday, January 22, 2010


On Monday, as we were coming back from our weekend getaway, I started feeling yucky.  Not any stomach junk, just a really sore back and neck, and a bad headache.  I had a hard time driving home and was really wishing Andy could drive (because he felt fine).  But we made it and I came home and crashed hard and slept for a few hours.  I had to call in sick on Tues. since I had a much worse cold and migraine.  I felt really bad about it since we’re so short staffed at work, but I wouldn’t have been any good there.  I slept all day yesterday and was hoping to go into work today, but as I was trying to get ready this morning, husband tells me that I “still look like hell” and he knew I shouldn’t go in.  I feel bad because the girls won’t even get a lunch break for 2 days since there is just the 2 of them without me there.  But I knew he was right.  I’m finally feeling a little better….hopefully on the upswing.
I still had to get up and take Andy to PT at 8am both mornings….we’re both really, really ready for him to start driving again soon!

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