Wednesday, January 20, 2010

our relaxing weekend...

This past weekend, we randomly decided to head down to Myrtle Beach for a few days.  We both had Monday off (for MLK day) and decided to enjoy it.  We would have normally asked Andy’s dad if we could use their condo, but it doesn’t have an elevator (yet) and Andy would not have been able to handle going up the 3 flights of stairs.  So we put a low bid on for a hotel and didn’t really think it would get accepted…but it did!  We ended up staying here……right on the oceanfront…

and we woke up to this view of the sunrise…gorgeous!

We had fun exploring the outlets and Broadway on the Beach.  Andy was feeling pretty good, and is using his cane most of the time, but we got out his wheelchair for the longer shopping/exploring.

Andy had fun feeding the fish and ducks….

but he accidentally dropped his cane in the water….
(that’s it sinking…the blue thing next to the duck…)

We used some Christmas money to splurge on some fun restaurants….
Medieval Times was a fun, different experience dinner/show.  Andy wasn’t too crazy about the fact that they don’t give you silverware (since it wasn’t invented in the medieval period) and you have to eat with your hands.  We were glad we tried it, but probably won’t be going again anytime soon (we mostly went because we had a buy one get one free coupon for Andy’s birthday).

50’s diner – not that exciting, but the waiter was funny and wanted to set up/take this picture (he made smily faces with the ketchup)

We tried to take a picture of us all dressed up to go to the Melting Pot…but it didn’t turn out that great…here it it though – backlit and all.  We had a good time at the restaurant though – it was restaurant week and so it was a little cheaper than normal.  But worth the money….it was so good!

It was a great relaxing weekend, with great weather in the 60s….here are a few other beach pictures (I went for a few walks on the beach, but Andy wasn’t able to yet…hopefully next time we go he’ll be walking on the beach with me!).

Hope everyone else had a good weekend too!

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