Wednesday, January 27, 2010

not much news...yet...

It took me quite a while to get over being sick….I am finally feeling better. I got some antibiotics towards the weekend to get over everything.

On Saturday, we had a CPR class scheduled for the youth. It was a long day and I still wasn’t feeling great so I just dropped Andy off and he completed his CPR recertification with the youth. And that was pretty much our weekend…long day in Fayetteville on Saturday and resting and recovering.

Andy is doing really well in therapy and is using a cane almost all of the time to get around. His PT also thinks his foot is pretty much healed and she has him stretching it and walking a little without the aircast. We have a doctor’s appointment at Duke tomorrow and we are hoping for good news that things are healing well…and that he will be cleared to start driving again! We are both really ready for him to be able to get around on his own and get more back to “normal”.

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