Friday, January 08, 2010

new physical therapy...

Thursday morning Andy started out-patient PT.  We had to get him up and dropped off before I went to work, so it was early! He said his new therapist is good, but she “put him through the ringer” – he walked on a treadmill for the first time, did weights, a lot of stretching and new exercises.  He said she thought he was doing well and might have some ideas for seeing a doctor down here and/or being cleared to drive soon.  Which would be very exciting!  As it was, I had to drop him off, run and open up and get things started at work, then slip away for 13 min. (I timed it to see how long it took) and go pick him up and drop him back off at home.  It wasn’t too bad, but considering how short staffed we are and that Andy is going to be doing this 3 times/week for the next while, it will still not be easy.  So the sooner he can drive the better.  I’m still going to be a little nervous with him driving his long 45+ min. commute to work though – he drives on remote roads where he doesn’t even get great cell phone coverage if he should have any problems.  So we’ll see – hopefully he can start driving soon and practice with shorter trips first before he has to go back to working full-time in the office in a few weeks.

Friday wasn’t too bad for me at work – just another long day.  But it was good to have my boss back working with us and we got the good news that one of our old co-workers who moved away wants to move back and is going to be able to transfer here and start working with us again soon!  Which means no training time or anything for a regular new hire and we know this one well and that she is a good worker who really will help us out.  Friday night we finally watched “Julie & Julia”.  I had been trying to get it on Redbox for a while, but couldn’t find it on the weekends here for the last few weeks I tried to rent it and then when I did actually reserve it online last weekend, the Redbox I rented it at was broken so I couldn’t get the DVD.  They reimbursed me and gave me a free code, but anyways, I finally got the DVD last night.  It was a good movie – about blogging and cooking – of course I liked it!  Andy watched it with me for a while, but said he was getting annoyed by Meryl Strep’s voice as Julia Childs and he put on his headphones and listened to something online while I finished the movie.
This weekend we don’t have too much going on…I think I’m going to go to the post office and maybe get a cup of coffee from the cute little coffee shop downtown in a little bit.  Then home for cleaning and such.  Tomorrow we are going to church and then in the evening we are going to start back with the Red Cross Youth program again.  Another volunteer has been doing a good job leading in our absence, but she’s ready for us to come back and take over!  So that should be fun.

Hope everyone else has a good weekend!

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