Wednesday, January 13, 2010

birthday basket

Andy didn’t want much for his birthday….the only thing he keeps asking for is lots of junk food when I go out.  So I made him a junk food basket (filled with a lot of his favorite snacks) for his birthday…

My mom used to do something similar for us when we were growing up…maybe not this much junk though!  Just a few of our favorite drinks/candy/chips in a basket for us to wake up to find on our birthdays.  I think he liked it!  And I although I’ve been trying to eat healthier (and cook us both some good healthy meals too), he has actually been losing weight so I guess he can have his junk food.  Even though he’s just been sitting around, he’s been exerting a lot of energy in therapy and just to work hard to move – I guess he’s been burning a lot of it off.  Lucky guy!
We had a nice dinner out to celebrate his birthday and husband was happy.  He likes nice, low-key birthdays.  We’re planning on celebrating both of our birthdays (mine is rather belated…but it was right after he came home from the hospital and we couldn’t really celebrate it then) a little more this weekend.

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