Tuesday, January 05, 2010

bad news, good news....

Don’t worry….it’s not that bad.

I just woke up this morning with really bad eye pain and my eye swollen shut.  I remembered that I had a hard time the previous evening getting one of my contacts out. After a long time trying to get it out and not seeing it anywhere in my eye, I gave up and hoped that it had fallen out and my eye was just irritated from my trying to get a contact lens out for a little while.  Apparently the contact was still in and/or something was wrong with my eye still this morning.  I called in late to work and went to my eye doctor.  He looked at my eye and found my contact still in it, but it was in several pieces.  I have no idea how that contact managed to tear apart, but somehow it did.  Anyways, I’m fine – just have to use antibiotic drops for a few days.  Just a pain.  Sorry if this was a little TMI for non-contact lens wearers.

The good news is much more exciting….

It was a good thing I stayed home a little this morning (due to the above mentioned eye junk) because I got to be here for Andy’s PT session.  His therapist came in and started talking to us about getting Andy started with out patient physical therapy sometime soon.  We talked a little about everything and got the recommendations of out patient clinics for him.  Then the PT had Andy doing some exercises and walking around and he turns to me and says “Abi, can you see about getting an appointment for Andy to do out patient this week?”  The PT was surprised at how much Andy had improved in the past few days and how much weight-bearing he is able to do now.  He thinks that he really can’t do much more with Andy at home and he needs to get on machines and do weights and all.  Which is great news!  It’s going to be interesting to see how we work out juggling several therapy sessions a week with my working full-time and him still not being able to drive…but we’ll figure it out.  Thankfully our town is pretty small and everything is really close, so I’m thinking it will be ok.  And Andy’s already talking to the therapists and doctors – bugging them about when they will clear him to drive.  He says its so he go back to work and stop making me drive him everywhere.  I think he just really wants to drive his new car.

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