Monday, January 04, 2010

back to work....

The weekend was too short – even though it was a 3 day weekend for me.  I worked New Year’s eve and came home so tired that I didn’t make it up anywhere near midnight ….we turned on a movie and I was out so fast I don’t remember much past the first few minutes of the movie.  Good thing we didn’t have any big New Year’s eve plans.  I was off New Year’s day  and we had a fun time running up to Raleigh and doing a little after-Christmas sale shopping.  Mostly Andy just likes getting out of the house these days, so it’s easy to talk him into shopping!

Today was another long day and as I have many days recently, I have come home really exhausted….we have been really busy and VERY short-staffed.  But I came home and even made a good dinner.  I like to cook, but had been having a hard time feeling putting much thought or effort into making dinner at all since Andy’s accident.  I don’t know why – it just seemed like more thing to worry about or something.  So we’d end up doing more fast food, easy meals, and breakfast/snacking for dinner than was good for either of us.  It was getting a little out of hand in my opinion – even though Andy didn’t usually care – he could snack all day every day and be fine I think.

Anyways, I’m going to get back on track with planning and cooking.

But today was really good because Andy went back to work!  He got the all clear from his doctors and was just waiting to hear from his employers about how everything could work out.  He decided to start with part-time working from home to get re-aclaimated to working.  He said everything went pretty well and he had a lot to catch up on.  Its good to see him focusing on his work instead of the pain and frustration he’s been dealing with for a while now.  We’re thankful that his job is being so supportive of everything and is willing to let him work from home since he can’t drive yet and it would be hard to get him there.

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