Sunday, January 31, 2010

andy's appt. and the snow...

Andy’s appointment on Thursday at Duke went well.  They took more x-rays and the doctor gave Andy the go ahead to take off the air cast he had been wearing since the foot was healing up.  And this also meant that the doctor said it was ok for Andy to start driving again!  We were both really excited about this since it means that Andy will be able to start going in to work again soon.  The doctor also talked to us a little about Andy’s hip and said that it was healing as expected and we’d still have to wait and see…but things are looking good.  Andy will be walking with a cane and doing more PT for 6 more weeks at least.  So it was a good visit and I drove part of the way home and then Andy drove a little bit too down a familiar straight road.  He drove around a little more on Friday to get used to things again and said that it felt good.  He had been working with the PT a lot on moving his ankle and putting more pressure on it, which he said had been helping him to feel comfortable with being able to accelerate and brake and all.

This weekend the big storm hit North Carolina…but we were lucky enough to be south of most of the snow.  We only got an inch or so and some ice.  Things are still pretty shut down around here since people are nervous to drive with the ice and church was cancelled.  So we spent the weekend inside and I got caught up on a lot of cleaning/organizing that I had been needing to get to for a while.  Andy did venture outside and cleared off the cars a little bit for us.  He was out there before I realized it and navigated the ice ok.  It was nice of him to make sure the car was cleaned off for me since I’ll be heading to work tomorrow and hate the snow!  He was supposed to be trying to head into work tomorrow too, but his boss already called and told him not to worry about trying to drive in for the first time with the ice.  Here’s a picture I got of Andy when I realized he was outside:
Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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