Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I trust that Thanksgiving was good for everyone. Thursday morning Abi and I got up early and drove to the Triad to spend time with my family. Everyone was there and it was nice and uneventful. As always the food was great. Abi went home Thursday evening leaving me at my parents because she had to work on Friday. This allowed her some time to clean the house and decorate the apartment with all of the Christmas stuff. My parents had Friday off and the thinking was that they could basically baby sit me since I am almost like a baby needing care these days but we won’t go there. That’s for tomorrow’s 1 month anniversary post.

Friday around lunch time as my parents and I were headed to grab some lunch from a local restaurant in Oak Ridge where my parents live Dad received one of those dreaded phone calls. The call was from Bobby my stepmother’s brother in law saying that Jeffery their son my age had been killed in a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas, NV. Jeffery was riding home from a buddy’s home around 12:30am on Friday morning after spending time with a buddy on Thanksgiving. Jeffery was living in Las Vegas because of being stationed at Nellis AFB, NV and had served in the United States Air Force since graduating from High School. Almost a week later there are still a million questions with only a couple of answers. The only thing truly known is that Jeffery was sitting at a traffic light when he was rear ended by a car going close to a 100 mph. Jeffery was then kicked off the bike and was hit by another vehicle. Jeffery’s mother Laura is my step mother’s youngest and closest sister. They live about an hour north of my parents in Rockingham County, NC. This was especially rough on my parents as they have dealt with my accident less than a month earlier and the loss of Osker the Dachshund who was their son that they never had. However, to my Dad’s credit I can’t say enough about amazed at how calm and cool he was with all of these incidents.

As you can imagine the rest of Friday and Saturday were spent up with the Johnson’s helping them cope with everything going on. I did keep the mood light by making sure that there was plenty of good college football on the TV. Unfortunately every team I predicted or was hoping to win got embarrassed. This just aint cool but in the grand scheme of things is minor. Dad then drove me home on Sunday where Abi the apartment looking immaculate. He was also a life saver by helping play handy man around the apartment because Abi had a honey do list of things I couldn’t do. Thank you!

Please remember the Johnson family in your thoughts and prayers. Also especially my parents as they are supporting them as they cope with this loss.

Jeffery on the right with Eric his brother on the right and Laura his mother in the middle.

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