Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We tried to send out Christmas Cards….but didn’t get out as many as we had hoped.  In case you didn’t get one – here is the message we wanted to send to everyone:

it’s been a good year……

We are very thankful.
Andy is healing after his serious car accident.
His broken hip and foot are getting stronger and he is
doing physical therapy to help him walk on that leg.
We’re new car shopping and hoping to get him back to
everything in the beginning of next year.
We’re enjoying our new church and friends we have made.
We have loved seeing so much of our families recently.
We are very thankful for all the cards, gifts, phone calls,
and prayers from all of our family and friends.
You all have made a hard time easier.

We hope you and your
family have a wonderful
holiday season and a great
new year!
Merry Christmas!
- Abi & Andy

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