Wednesday, October 21, 2009

belly painting & baltimore

I had Columbus day off and decided only a week or so out to take a quick trip up to Baltimore (Andy didn't have it off and was crazy busy at work, so I left him at home). I called a few of my close friends to see if we could do a little baby shower for my good friend Becki while I was there. She had been talking for a while about painting on her pregnant belly once it got big enough to be a good canvas, so we decided to turn it into a shower/painting party/photo shoot. I worked Friday and left reallly early (before 5am) to be able to make it up there for the time that everyone could get together for the impromptu shower at 2pm. I was exhausted when I got up there, but so glad to see my friends. We had such a fun time! Here are some of the best shots of the day:

Pregnant and still gorgeous

I came up with the idea to paint a cowboy boot and a high heel since Becki is always wearing cute shoes and she married a Texas the idea was "a cowboy boot + a high heel = baby" I blocked it in and painted some, then had the girls help me and join in on the fun. Becki was such a great sport!

The finished work of art

We had Becki open a few gifts afterwards

After the shower, I went to go see my family. Did I mention that I hadn't told them I was coming? I was planning to surprise them and was excited to see the looks on their faces when I walked in the door of my parent's house. But instead....I was the one who was surprised because they had found out I was coming and had an early birthday party set up for me! I was really surprised! My friends (whom I just saw at the shower - they hurried over to my parents house and I was oblivious) decided that they would tell my family and some other friends and they were all there Saturday night - I had no idea they had gone to all that trouble! It was great! I loved seeing everyone and I love surprises - although I am usually the one doing the surprising.
I had a good rest of the weekend visiting with my family and friends. It was a wonderful weekend!

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