Wednesday, September 02, 2009

how we celebrated and what we decided...

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes and cards! We had a nice low-key anniversary. We went out to a local restaurant that we had heard good things about but never tried. It was really good! Then we walked around town a little because it was such a beautiful night.

Andy brought me home roses.

I did a painting a few weeks ago that I was waiting until our anniversary to show him. I'm still amazed that he didn't try and look at it! He's usually too curious or nosy to wait on things like that. But since he still hadn't seen it, I hung it up on our bedroom wall during my lunch break so he could come home to it unveiled. He said he liked it a lot except for my version of his goatee. I still don't know what he didn't like about it. I thought it worked out pretty well and looks good with out gorgeous double wedding ring quilt that my mom made for us (my aunt and grandmother helped work on it some too - I love it!).

Close up

This past weekend, we were given a chance to "test-drive" a great dog named Raymond. One of Andy's volunteers is moving and can't take Raymond with her, so she had asked Andy if we were interested in adopting. The timing was pretty funny because Andy has talked about wanting a dog for a while, even before we got married. I convinced him that we needed to wait a little while since we both had a lot of changes and adjusting going on just with being married and all and we didn't need to bring a dog immediately into that craziness. So we had decided to wait and start talking about the possibility of getting a dog after we had been married a year. That was what made it so funny and probably why I thought we should at least try it out for the weekend.

Raymond was an interesting mix of a Bassett Hound and some type of Retriever. He was about 1 1/2 and was well trained and fully housebroken, which was wonderful.

We took him out and about in Southern Pines and everyone loved him. Hence his name "everyone loves Raymond"

He was pretty high energy and wanted a lot of attention, so we found a good way to wear him out - chasing tennis balls at our tennis court!

And we took him for a long walk at the local dog park with a friend of mine and her little dog.

But in the end, we've decided not to adopt him. He is a great dog, but it simply isn't the right time for us. And that was mostly Andy deciding that....well me too...but I was surprised that he came to that conclusion after he had wanted us to get a dog for so long. With us both working full-time, having a little bit busier fall schedule with church and youth programs on the weekends, living in an apartment, and wanting to travel a little, we just don't think we can give him the time or attention he needs. And his owner said that a neighbor decided they would take him if we didn't, so he has a good new home now.


  1. Your painting looks wonderful. I love the blue ringed background, matches great with the bedding.

    And I'm always amazed at people who can create faces. I just work myself into a tizzy trying it and end up giving up (especially noses, how I hate them).

    Love your and your hubby's clothes too. Nice and simple and you did a great job on his tux which always kick my butt as well.

    Raymond looks adorable but dogs are a lot of work. Glad that he went to a good home.

  2. I LOVE your painting, you did such a great job on it! What a sweet anniversary present. And it DOES look nice with the beautiful quilt AND SHAMS!!
    I know that was a hard decision for you guys and really am glad you were in agreement. And Raymond still gets a good home, so no guilt either.